Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey guys!

Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates lately.

Good news is I've been working on some awesome stuff to put up lately! Im super excited and you guys should be too!

See ya soon!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ACEOs- Traditional

ACEOs- Artists' Cards- Editions and Originals.
Here are a few of my old ACEOs, a couple done on commission and a few done of my own volition. Each one measures the same as a normal trading/collector's card.

Commission for ACEOs both digital (I'll feature them next) and traditional are open.

These are photographed before lamination to avoid unsightly glare from the light.


Lust $5

Break $7

Twist in The Wind $7

Squirtle I $7

Blastoise I $7-- Sold

Lickitung I $7

Snorlax <3 Food $7-- Sold

Ocean's Cradle

Another product feature.  This one is called Ocean's Cradle. It is truly a ooak pendant. A beautiful chunk of tumbled dyed quartz is softly wrapped in sterling silver wire.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Shattered and Caged

I decided to do a showcase of the pendants I posted earlier.

This pendant is made of a light blue glass crackled marble. It is simply wrapped in sterling silver wire to form a delicate pendant that accentuates the marble's natural beauty.

The wrapping here is just the standard, however, if you'd like a different design of your choosing or design can be placed instead.

The best thing about these crackle marble pendants is that I can make more than one and I can make them in many different colors. As you can see, when the marble is crackled, it gives each orb a beautiful and truly unique design. No matter what, your piece will be one of a kind, even if ordered in sets.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some More Products

A few more products from Nevermore Studios! This time I'm displaying a set of custom made tile coasters delicately wrapped in a soft ribbon. Each 3''x3'' tile has a soft  pads to keep your tables safe.


These bookmarks are not for sale as they were a custom order. However, they are beautiful displays and work well as samples. These are my shaped bookmarks. Each is carefully handmade and painted with watercolor. After each is finished, I seal each one between two layers of thick plastic to keep them safe from water and wear.
$10 for a pack of 5


A few Kanzashi- beautiful fabric flowers. These are set as hair accessories. I'll be making a few new sets soon! So look forward to that!


Some Older Work

Some older work- Most of these are completely OOAK (one of a kind) pendants. However I can make sets of the pendants with glass beads. However, the technique I use (crackling) to make the beautiful texture you see in the blue marble and the red half marble does not allow for true multiples to be made. There will always be slight differences.

Each of these are worth $10 USD. Check the sidebar on the right side of the homepage for more ordering information.









Starting up

I've decided to start a new shop. Ill start uploading things soon!